The facility

We have created a production facility that is something out of the ordinary. Passion for automation and technology combined with a constant pursuit of zero error has guided the design. Today we have 7,500 square meters filled with a technically advanced machine park. CNC lathes, transfer machines and longitudinal lathes are supplemented with an FMS plant where we process putty, cast and forged blanks into finished details. Through its well-composed mix, production is very flexible, and we do not hesitate to invest in new machines when needed. Employees with high technical competence ensure that we quickly and efficiently find the right solution based on the customer’s needs and requirements.

Production technology

Reduce waste and production time

A system of pallets that carry substances is central to our production. We save a lot of resources and value by processing an article from a topic that is as close to the final form as possible. & Nbsp


Read more about turning and milling, which is the core of our business. We have a long-developed process thinking from material selection to finished article. All with 100% control and traceability.

Integrated curing

It is possible to increase the surface hardness of components by integrating induction hardening into the production process.

Documented traceability

By RFID-labeling the pallets, we can guarantee 100% traceability through the process. Then we can finish with labeling at the individual level.

Check to reach zero error

There are many different techniques for achieving zero errors and we use many. Everything from SPS systems to measurement integrated in the production cell.

Quality work

We work passionately with quality, continuous improvement and making it permeate the entire business. You can find our certificate here.