Falks Metall is a family-owned company with over 70 years in the industry. We have always worked with improvements in different ways. Our customers and suppliers challenge us to become even better. Structure is important to be able to handle a business where many different factors affect. Our employees want us to work with teamwork and maintain an atmosphere of joy, consideration, commitment and helpfulness. The corporate culture is important to us and we want our workplace to be characterized by well-being and a desire to solve the tasks.

We live in a globally changing world with fierce competition. Maintaining a high quality and constantly improving means that we can have a long-term perspective on our business. The only lasting competitive advantage is to learn faster than our competitors.

That’s how we work. Now and in the future to ensure world-class quality and efficiency. We call this Falkwork®

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In 1946, Per’s grandfather Folke Falk started operations in an outbuilding in the current Gnosjö center. After the war, there was a need for connections for oil heating, so in his spare time, Folke and his brother Helge turned such products. This was the basis for what in 1955 became Falk’s Metal and which was run by Folke and his sons Uno and Björn. The main business consisted of so-called turret turning. In 1969, a new factory building was built on Västergatan in Gnosjö, where it remained until 2005 when a new larger property was purchased on Marieströmsvägen. In the early 80’s, Uno became the sole owner of Falks Metall and a couple of decades later Per took over the family business. The development has progressed. From a few revolving lathes and 5 employees, to over 40 lathes with associated robots and about as many wonderful employees. We are investing today to be there tomorrow!