Traceability and Labeling

At Falk, we understand the importance of being able to trace turned and milled articles to a material batch or a manufacturing batch. Documented traceability throughout the entire production process down to the individual level is for us everyday. We can offer different types of marking such as stamping and embossing.

Laser marking

In addition to turning, we can also offer laser marking, which is an advantage if an article requires 100% traceability at the individual level.

We see that more industries need to be able to track their articles. Whether it is in industries such as fire prevention articles, automotive or the gas industry. Labeling the turned article creates a sense of security and in some cases even a so-called poka yoke solution.

Common labeling texts for traceability are, for example, article numbers, production order numbers and dates. In some cases, you also want your company logo on the article. We solve it.

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