Falks studenter


Last year, Falks Metall let a group of IIIEE students at Lund University investigate, among other things, scope III emissions for the most commonly used steel they purchase. The result was used in a calculation sheet that could be used in discussions with customers on climate footprint of their orders.

This year, Falks Metall wanted to develop the climate footprint calculations further and include other kinds of raw materials in order to better account for scope III emissions and to demonstrate how customers can influence their footprints through their orders.

We got in contact with the students Alexa, Mario and Simon. They created a frameworking allowing us to gather Upstream Scope 3 emissions data from our suppliers.

Executive Summary

Data quality matters. Some suppliers have Environmental Product Declarations  (EPD) which is considered as high level of data quality.

Reports on GHG emissions should not be made on assumptions. Verified data is recommended.

Thank you Alexa, Mario and Simon for all your efforts with helping us to calculate Upstream Scope 3 emissions! It was a great pleasure getting to know you.