Falks Metall’s work with dash boards began in connection with the national project Produktionslyftet. The paintings became a daily gathering point for most employees. In connection with our trip through Produktionslyftet being completed in 2015, we realized that there was so much more to work with.

When the opportunity arose to take part in a research project, Vis’man, which concerned our dash boards, we wanted to be part of it. Being able to work closely with researchers is very exciting. It creates other angles and provides new insights.

In our case, a workshop in June 2018 was the start of an improvement in the field of communication. How do we spread information? Not a really easy nut to crack. Anyway; after three years of work in the Vis’man project, this was completed. Read more about the project here:


We are happy to tell, that we have phased out pure cutting-oil in our production. The only cutting fluid we use, is water-based emulsion. This is a result of a strategic decision made back in 2018, which now is implemented as we sold our transfer machines Hydromat. Considering our significant environmental aspects, we are satisfied with the improved impact for the environment.