Control and measurement

Our customers have completely different requirements for tolerances and standards to follow. But what is common is  the development towards being able to deliver as close to zero errors as possible. To meet that development, we have invested, not only in advanced measuring equipment, but also in inspection machines for 100% control. We have the capacity to inspect large volumes from both our own and others' production (contract sorting). In addition, components from our production have been verified in measuring equipment integrated in the production cell. We also analyse OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Our goal is 80%. 


Statistical process control is a method for monitoring that a process is under control (stable) and that it has the ability to produce within set tolerances (capable). To keep track of our measurement data, we use Mitutoyo Measurlink. In this system, we register all our measuring devices. This means that we can easily keep track of our calibrations, that these are done on time and with what result. For external calibration, we only use calibration companies that are accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025. We do MSA studies (Measurement system analyzes) which are also registered in Measurlink. All our stationary measuring equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, shaft measuring machines and form gauges as well as most hand measuring devices are connected to the system to save measuring data in real time. We continuously monitor our Cpk values ​​in production and improve the processes where Cpk is below agreed values. You can see examples of what such an image looks like to the left. In this case, the screen describes the lowest Cpk value for our one machine group at a given time.

Inspection machine

This laser equipment controls high and large volume items at high speed. We inspect both our own production and parts that come from outside. It is a great asset in cases where products produced with us have been with a third party for post-processing of some kind. Through 100% control, we can sort out, for example, foreign items. The products are packed during inspection in customer packaging and get ready for delivery.

Integrated measurement

Measuring equipment integrated directly into the production cell. It almost does not get more fun than this. Each product that emerges from the machine is picked up by the measuring equipment and visible according to given dimensions and tolerances. We know that everything that leaves the cell is 100% correct and that saves time, resources and of course cost. 

Measuring rooms 1, 2 och 3

Measurement ensures that our process is stable and that products meet the requirements set by our customer. We therefore have three measuring rooms with different measuring equipment for different types of needs. We have connected our measuring equipment to an SPC system that enables follow-up of our measured values. 

Our latest investment on the measuring equipment side is a Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine. A coordinate measuring machine is mainly used to verify the shape and position of parts. We also have a so-called Formtracer from Mitutoyo. The advantage of a Formtracer compared to a Contracer is that the former measures both shape and surface. We can thus also use the form tracer to measure surface evenness.

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