The facility

We are proud of our facility which is maintained in an excellent state of order and cleanliness. Our passion for automated processes and technological innovation combined with the demand for zero defects, has been dominating when designing our layout for the plant. 

Our 7 500 Square meter facility has CNC turning machines, transfer machines and machining centers. This is supplemented with an FMS plant where we process cast and forged blanks into finished products.  Our production process is based on highest quality and technological awareness. Operators are trained to ensure that outputs conform to product- and customer requirements. 

Production techniques 

Reduce waste and production time

A system of pallets that carry blanks is central to our production. We save a lot of resources and value by processing a product from a blank that is as close to the final form as possible.


Read more about turning and milling, which is the core of our business. We have a process approach from material selection to finished product. All with 100% control and traceability.

Integrated hardening

It is possible to increase the surface hardness of a component by integrating induction hardening into the production process.

Documented traceability

By RFID tagging the pallets, we can guarantee 100% traceability through the process. In the next step we can add labeling on an individual level.

Control to reach zero defects

There are many different techniques to achieve zero errors and we use several. Everything from SPS systems to measurement integrated in the production cell.

Quality work

We work passionately with quality, continuous improvements and making them affect the entire business. You can find our certificates here.