Our environmental work 

Falks Metall is certified according to ISO 14001. We follow our environmental policy, we take environmental aspects into account and we implement improvements in action plans for the environment. We separate oil from shavings in our oil purification equipment and sort raw materials into different fractions for recycling. Scrubbing water is sent for destruction.


In the environmental work, we benefit from being Smålänningar. You want to use as few resources as possible for the best possible outcome. 


Our environmental policy:

With good knowledge in the area of ​​cutting processing, Falks Metall AB shall contribute to the effects that arise for the environment becoming more positive and more resource efficient, taking into account what is technically possible and economically reasonable. We care about sustainable development by protecting the environment and preventing pollution.


Our operations must, as a minimum, comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Through continuous improvements and recycling systems, we will reduce our impact on the environment.


We get there by:

  • Regularly and systematically document, evaluate and address environmental risks in our operations
  • Work actively to replace products that are harmful to health and the environment with less harmful ones
  • Take relevant environmental considerations into account in all important decisions
  • Work to ensure that all employees feel a personal responsibility for the environment in their daily work and are given the training and resources required for this responsibility
  • Provide factual information about our environmental work


ISO 14001