We are an actor who is dependent on our surroundings just like everyone else. In our world, this means that we engage in activities, organizations, projects and engagements that are important for our development and that we are passionate about. It is about the local association life in the Gnosjö region where we live and work. 

For our future supply of employers, we engage in schools. This is also important for us in order to get closer to people who works with research and development for new techniques. 

Do you want to discuss opportunities for commitment? Write an email to info@falksmetall.se

Falks Metall is involved in these organizations and training units: 

Gnosjö Hembygdsförening
Gnosjö Innebandy
Gnosjö Simsällskap
Gnosjöandans Kunskapscentrum
Gnosjöandans Ridklubb
Hylténs Industrimuseum
Jönköping University
Linköping University
Smålands Tekniska College
Ung Drive
Åvikenskolan in Gnosjö


Are you retired? Are you interested in getting a plant tour and a coffee with us at Falks Metall?


To register your interest and book an appointment; call Uno Falk on telephone 0370-33 26 02 weekdays between 09.30-11.30.


Welcome! We look forward to your visit!